About Us

The Forum is based on an ideal of an ancient civilization. AN idea that is loosely defined as it is interpreted differently by all that would ponder it. Arête: in its most basic sense means "excellence of any kind." It was THE notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function; living up to ones full potential. The man or woman of arÊte is a person of the highest effectiveness. They would use all of their faculties to achieve real results. THE balance BETWEEN THE mind, body and soul was attributed to the fulfillment of a life. It was the goal of the master to pass on their knowledge to each student that journeyed for fulfillment. The passing of knowledge leadS to the foundations of modern politics, art, architecture, science, THEATRE, literature, philosophy, music and athletics. The Forum is a place to gather and balance the mind, body and soul. Join us and let rise to an empire of excellence.