plural forums also fora


a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business


b : a public meeting place for open discussion


c : a medium of open discussion or expression of ideas






The Forum is a bit of a different concept to what you have seen in modern times. So take a look and see what we are all about. Find your passion for knowledge, explore what your community has to offer.




The Forum is a space for everyone to come together, enjoy good company and maybe learn something new. We look for the balance between the physical and mental. The beginner, the amateur and the master all have one thing in common. There is always room for more – more knowledge, more development, more play.



There are several different ways to go about learning something new. We explore new thoughts, ideas, languages and skills through group environments and social endeavours Allow yourself the chance to better your mind and soul with some of our classes.



We want to make life easier, more fun and of course better! We do that by guiding you to use proper movement, try something new and get stronger along the way! Once you move well, our playground is full of new adventures to enjoy.



Sometimes it’s about just taking a break and relaxing. Take the time for you to play, share a drink and laugh. Happy Hours, Social Nights, Games, Coffee Dates; don’t forget to play.


Licensed Cafe & Bar

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